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Cardigan is the new black

Remember when you would go out and your mother would always say before you'd head to the door in your cute tank top: 'did you take a jacket?', 'wear a sweater, it's cold outside', 'don't forget your cardigan, you don't want to catch a cold'?

Do you still hear her voice now as an adult whenever you step outside? Thinking how you should have listened to your mom, even though she has stopped reminding you to add layers to your look after the 258th time you rolled your eyes at her.

Well, guess what? Cardigans are back and they are in. If growing up, you thought those cute little buttoned-up jumpers were more practical than trendy, now as an adult, you can say they are definitely part of the must-have type of pieces. Who knew our grand mother's favorite piece of fashion would the number one trend that everyone is dreaming to get their hands on?

I'm not the one to judge honestly. I love and have always loved a good old cardigan. The way they fit around your bust and make a simple outfit look great. They've been my best friends for a million years, although I didn't like, and still don't like, to pair my cardigan with a dress. I'm sorry but too much of the granny looks for me.

And now more than ever, cardigans have been my favorite thing to wear. With a tank top, a matching sweater top, a t-shirt, or nothing underneath but a lacy bra, paired with jeans, or a satin skirt, they are the easiest fashion item to wear, especially when you don't feel like dressing up. Their buttoned-up looks are always so flattering for the décolleté, making it a sexy, chic, and casual piece. A must-have, as I said.

Care to try one?

If &Other Stories has undeniably the best selection when it comes to cardigans, the price range may through you off. But to the rescue, there's Zara, which has amazingly updated their collection with pastel tone and soft cardigan, with embroidery or matching cami top, bralette, or shorts. But the original trendsetter, the one behind the whole Katies Holmes street style extravaganza is the brand Khaite. Now ladies, be prepared because as trendy and beautiful this New-York based brand is, it is on the most pricy side. Paloma Wool has also a well-curated selection, perfect for those social-distancing times. Might as well call your banker right now and let him or her know that there's going to be some damage to your account.



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