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This is why I hate Fashion Weeks

While this event is the most expected one for most people, well the ones that care about fashion in the world anyway, I actually hate Fashion Weeks. Here's why.

Defining time for the fashion industry and most closets following trends, fashion week is, for me, a dreading moment, a not-so-kind reminder that I'll always be under-dressed while going out, and that I might not actually like my outfits, no matter what. And as expected, the starting point of the oh-so-existential question: "should I get rid of everything in my wardrobe?". 

(Spoiler alert, the answer is always no.)

Coming back from a week in New York, where I managed to avoid Fashion Week by arriving just a few days after the mayhem, I was quite pleased with my fashion findings in the city that never sleeps and apparently never stops to amaze you with vintage treasures. Going from vintage boutiques to thrift shops, watching all my savings disappear in just one credit card swipe, I was unstoppable. Well, until my bank decided it was time for me to either stop all shopping activities or reload my account. After two or three money transfers from one account to another, it was time to stop the bleeding and put an end to the shopping addiction

But it was quite hard to not look at everything the vintage shops had to offer. How could I resist a vintage Tahary yellow skirt when she fit me perfectly, although the lining could have been less tight? But who cares when the skirt would go amazingly with the yellow vintage Saint-Laurent blazers my boyfriend got for me for my birthday. How boujee of me to pretend I'm a high-end vintage lover, when in fact, I dress like an old man or a cheaper version of Diane Keaton

Anyway, as I was saying, shopping in New York went great. Well, if you ignore the fact that I thought I bought a vintage pleated checked skirt that made me look like Blair Waldorf if she had been nicer. It took me a few days, a week to be real, to realize that I didn't get the skirt while going through my NYC laundry and checking my account balance. I'll blame that on the jet lag and the stress of starting a new job. 

I'll go back to the main subject now if you will. Coming back from the big apple with two suitcases full of new vintage founds, I couldn't be happier... Until I stepped foot in rainy France where the temperatures had drastically dropped and the sun had definitely left for greener regions. While I did find some great pieces in New York, I forgot to mention, all of my new timeless wardrobe additions were perfect for warmer days. Back in France, I was left with old pieces that I'd worn a hundred times. But that was fine with me, the new me, on a journey to buy less and more sustainably. The key issue here was to learn how to wear the clothes I've already worn so much, in a different way. So I tried things out. 

A few days ago, while I was strolling around Paris with my most fashionable friend, I realized I was not happy with my own outfit. It didn't feel like me. I've been so mesmerized by the outfits inspiration on Pinterest, I've lost my way. But lately, I've been lacking inspiration, the envy to dress up, the idea to put out outfits I'll feel good in. And trust me when I said that going out in the middle of Fashion Week, was not the best idea. 

Walking along the gardens of Palais Royal, I was surrounded by the most fashionable people. It was a fashion show on its own. A catwalk of fashion experts. Among them, I was just a wannabe, an outcast, a tourist, and a visitor. I was ready to get rid of all my clothes and give in to the whole idea of changing a wardrobe according to trends. And there I was, ten steps back on my sustainable adventures. It was the moment I realized I truly hated Fashion Week. 

While the idea of people coming together in a city for a week of fashion extravaganza is inspiring and mesmerizing, the idea of waiting to see what the future of fashion is holding for us is disturbing.  Let's face it, if fashion people organize their whole year around fashion weeks, it's not a good sign for a more sustainable world. After all, the idea to buy sustainably is to buy less and review the way we buy. You could say "what we see on runways can inspire us to shop in our own closet to recreate the same look", and most of the time it works. Until the moment you end up searching for the perfect vest because you got rid of the vests you had in the 90s, thinking the trend would not make a comeback. Same with low-rise jeans. Or ballet flats

Aiming to buy less or find timeless pieces, I've officially let go of fast fashion to look for quality pieces that will last. Obviously, it also means shopping for items that I will wear for years and years, and not trusting the trends in the process. I know I still have a long way to go but I'm trying my best. If I hate fashion week so much, it is also a problem of always wanting more. But if the industry doesn't change and keeps going on its fashion week track, what will the planet be like in a couple of years?  

Just a few thoughts. 



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