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Celebration Smokey Eyes // Makeup Tutorial

Hey there,

In my struggle to find the perfect makeup look for Christmas' Eve, I decided to gather all my makeup palettes and have fun with them. Okay, I may not have found the "perfect" makeup look I was looking for, but, SPOILER ALERT, I did find a pretty cool smoky eye look with brown and gold tone. So today I'm showing you guys how to recreate this smokey eye. 

I'm still wondering about what makeup I'm gonna do tomorrow though... Oh well, I guess I'll have to improvise tomorrow! Yeah! 

Anyway, I started it off with foundations, concealer, powder and brows, as usual, and as you may know by now, I used the Colorstay Foundation from Revlon, the Accord Parfait concealer from L'Oreal, the Stay Matte powder from Rimmer and the Gimme Brow brows gel from Benefit. 

To start with the eyes, I took the shade Undone from the Vice3 Palette from Urban Decay, and I applied it all over my eyelids with an all over shadow Brush. This shade is a light beige, perfect for a nude look, but for this look, I just use it as a base for some reasons.

Next, I took the shade DTF from the Vice Palette and with a big fluffy brush I applied the shadow on my crease and I brought it down to the lower outer corner of my eyes.

I then, took two shades still from the Vice Palette, the shade Lucky, which is a kinda gold orangy shadow, which I mixed with the Reign shadow, a shimmery brown. With a small fluffy brush, I applied those two shades in the middle of my eyelid, to make my eyes pop.

To open up my eyes, I took the shade Half-Baked from the Naked2 Palette. It's a very pretty gold shadow. I applied this shadow on the inner corner of my eyes. I also brought it down a little bit to my lower lash line still on the inner corner. 

To make my look a bit more dramatic, I went back to my creases, with the shade Busted from the Naked2 Palette. It's a deep shimmery brown color, very pigmented so I just took a little bit with a big fluffy brush. 

Next, I took the shade Snake Bite from the Naked2 Palette, and I applied it along my lower lash line on the outer corner.

I, then, took the shade Truth from the Vice Palette, which is a light pink/beige shadow. I applied this shade directly under my brows to highlight. 

For eyeliner and mascara, I use, as always, the 24/7 liquid liner from Urban Decay, which I draw a thin line, which I ended with a wing. And for Mascara, I used the Better than Sex Mascara from Too Faced on my upper and lower lash line. 

To finish up with my face, I  started with bronzer, and I used the L'Oreal Contour Kit. I applied the bronzer, on the sides of my forehead, along my jaw line and down my cheeks. 

For the blush, I used something I just got and I already love! It's the Hot Mama Blush from the Balm. It's quite similar to the Orgasm blush from Nars. It's really pigmented so I just took a little bit and I applied it directly on my cheeks. 

For highlighter, I use the Highlighter Stick and the Mac Mineralized Powder. I applied the highlighter, down my nose, on the upper part of my cheeks, and cupid bone. I blend it with my fingers, and then took the powder to set the highlighter, so I applied the powder on the same spot where I used the stick.

For the lips, I use the Mocha Shade from Mac. It's a light coral/nude matte lipstick. I don't use it that often because I'm more of a bold lip kind of girl but today I was up for nude lips and I really love this shade. 

And that's it for the finished look. I like it, i'm no professionals so it doesn't look Amaziiiiiing but I really like it, and I feel like it's perfect for Christmas if you're looking for a glowy/shimmery/colorful look. 

Let me know what you think! I hope you'll have an amazing Christmas Eye and a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. 

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