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Christmas in a Jar // Christmas Present Idea and Recipe

Hey there,

Do you ever get frustrated because you can't find any ideas for a gift to give to a friend, your mom, your aunt, your grandmother? Well, I do! So this year, I decided to spare myself hours of knocking my head to the wall of some big store, and I decided that maybe Pinterest had the solution of the perfect gift to give to my grandmother and other people that I won't name because they might be reading my blog. Anyway, indeed, Pinterest did have an answer! 

This is very last minute for Christmas Gifts, but I really found this idea quite great and original, so I thought I'd give it a go. I really liked the result, so I thought I'll share it with you. I didn't invent this, I just saw it over on Pinterest. By the way, if you're curious, you can go over there for my Pinterest.  

Although I did find the idea on Pinterest, the recipe I used comes from my personal recipes, I did not use the one from the Pinterest post. But what is she talking about? You might ask yourself... Well the fabulous idea I'm rambling about is those big cookies or brownies recipe jar! Ever heard about it? It reminds me of those baking preparation you can find at your grocery store, you know? But in a classier and DIY way. I just found it cute, and I thought it was a great Christmas gift idea.

Because I am a very nice person, I'm gonna share my very own recipe of cookies. Although I decided to do 6 jars with two different recipes: I'm doing cookies and brownies. However, for the brownies, because I've never succeeded at baking brownies, I use this recipe

For the record, I decided to use my own recipe because I've tried if before and I know the cookies I bake with this recipe are delicious. Even though the recipe from the Pinterest post could be delicious as well, I didn't want to take the risk, just in case...

For my recipe, you'll need:
- 250g of Flour
- 250g of Brown Sugar 
- 90g of Caster Sugar 
- One Tea Spoon of Baking Powder 
- One Tea Spoon of Baking Soda 
- A Pinch of Salt 
- 200g of Chocolate Chips (or more) 

I put the ingredient in a specific order, that is the way I add my ingredients in the jar. You get different colors, which adds more structure to the jar, I think. Of course the recipe doesn't stop there. The ingredients I listed are the "dry ingredients", the ones that you can save in a jar for months before use the jar to bake something. You don't want to put your melted butter or you eggs in the jar. So for the rest of the recipe, you'll need:

- 1 Egg
- 175g of Melted Butter
- 1 Tea Spoon of Vanilla Extract 

If like me you want to do this jar to offer to someone, you just have to put all the dry ingredient into your jar, then add a little paper to the jar, like attached to the jar, where you write the rest of the ingredients needed, and the instructions, which are: Mix the whole thing together (Dry and not dry ingredients), create small balls (a golf ball size) and lay them on an oven plate, then just put them in your heated oven for 10 minutes (maybe more, like 12 minutes) at 175°C. 

And if you want to keep the recipe to yourself, you naughty little elf, you just have to follow the instructions, and you get awesome and delicious cookies, perfect for Christmas Time. 

That's it for today, hope you like this post! Let me know what you think!

See you soon,



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