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Everything on Point for Fall // Updated Makeup Routine and First Impressions

 Hey there,

Today, I'm back (yet again...) with a new makeup tutorial. (Yes I spend most of my weekends trying out new makeup and products for possible makeup tutorials.)

Speaking of which! I actually went shopping this week and bought some drugstores makeup products that I already love! So today's makeup is my daily makeup routine for Fall and a kinda first impression post.

Let's get into it now!

I start with applying my makeup foundation, which is the ColorStay makeup foundations from Revlon in the shade fresh beige, same one as always. I seriously adore it so much, I don't think I could ever change it. Anyway, so I apply it with the same foundation brush from Real Technique. 

Next, I'm taking my newly concealer from L'Oréal. It's the "Accord Parfait" concealer in the shade "light beige". It's made for concealing and highlighting your face and it's really amazing. I must say, I had a hard time figuring out how to use it, but I eventually found out. You just have to turn the end of the thing until the product comes out of the brush on the other side. Really practical! 

So I apply the concealer directly onto my face, under my eyes, nose, cupid bones, a little bit on my forehead and chin.

To blend it, I'm taking the foundation brush that I used right before, and just blend the concealer. I was truly amazed by the product because I really didn't think it was going to highlight my face that much, but it did. 

I know I look quite pale, but I promise it's the flash of my camera. The lighting in my bathroom isn't that great for photos, but I do need a big mirror to do my makeup so I've got to use my bathroom...

Anyway, next, I take my Stay Matte pressed powder from Rimmel in the shade transparent and I apply it all over my face with my powder brush from Real Technique.

For contouring, I wanted to spice things up a bit, so I bought a contouring kit from L'Oréal, which has a bronzer and a highlighter and a little brush and a mirror. Great kit! The shade that I got is brunette, which is actually perfect for my face. 

I apply it in a 3 shape with my bronzer brush from Sephora, on the side of my forehead, under my cheeks and down the jaw line on my chin. I also like to apply it down my chin because I have quite an oval face. It does help in making my face looks rounder, or at least less oval. 

I really like the bronzer, I love the shade, which is even more perfect than the bronzer that I used from Bourgeois. I love how pigmented this is, which actually surprised me the first time I used it. It is so pigmented, I tried my best to blend it. I also love the texture, the smell, and how easy it is to apply. 

For blush, I'm using my Mac powder blush in the shade Desert Pink. I'm gonna be honest, this is not my favorite blush... I'm actually really disappointed in this one, I find it very hard to apply... But I do like the color it gives to my cheeks, and it lasts quite long.

For highlighter, even though the L'Oréal concealer is quite great for highlighting, I still need to set it up with some serious highlights. So I'm taking the highlighter, which comes in the contouring kit from L'Oreal. It's a really cool highlighter, which almost reminds me of the Mac Mineralized Highlighter that I use normally. 

However, I feel like there's not enough products compared to the Bronzer, and I find it hard to take the products with the brush. Anyway, I apply the highlighter with a powder brush that I actually got from Forever 21, down my nose, cupid bones and on the top of cheeks. 

For brows, I also changed my routine. I got the Maybeline Brow Satin pencil in the shade dark brown, which has a pencil on one side and a powder "smudge" brush on the other side. 

 First, I start with defining my brows with the pencil and I also fill them a little bit. It gives my brows quite a rough look, and that's when the smudge thingy comes right on time!

To make my brows a little bit softer, I take the other side of the pencil and smudge the pencil, or blend it. It really gives me the Eyebrows on Fleek look. I love it, maybe even more than the brow gel from Benefit. 

Now the eyes. On my last monthly favorite I told you I was going to show you my makeup routine using the Naked3 Palette from Urban Decay. And today, my friends, is the day. I didn't prime my eyes this time, just because I was lazy, and I think that the Urban Decay shadows are greatly pigmented and also they last on the eyes forever. 

So I directly apply the shade Liar, which is a glittery light pink/purple with grey undertones, on my eyes with the brush, which comes with the palette.

It is not the best eye brush ever, but it's quite a good "all over the lid" brush. I apply it all over my eyes.

For my creases, I'm taking the Nooner shade, which is a "Taupe" matte shadow. I apply it with my 218 fluffy brush from Makeup Forever, in my crease and I bring it down to my outer corner, down my lower water line. 

For eyeliner, I decided to try a new one. I found this liner from Rimmel, which is actually not a liquid liner. It's the Scandal Eyes Micro Eyeliner in the shade waterproof black. It doesn't give my eyes the same "fierceness" as a liquid liner would do but it works well, and I actually feel like it's easier to draw a line with this pencil.

It's similar to a gel liner, or an eye pencil. It's waterproof, black, not an intense black but a black that will work for a day to night look. I draw a line, quite a bigger line than I normally do, and finish it with a big wing. I really like this liner, again, really simple to use and great if you're learning how to draw your eyeliner wing and line.

For mascara, I'm not changing my routine, it's too great. I actually just got the Better than Sex Mascara from Too Faced again, because the last one I got was quite dry and hard to apply. Anyway, so I apply this mascara on my upper and lower lashes.

For lipsticks, it's fall so it means that it's officially dark lipsticks season. I mean duuuuh, have you seen my last makeup tutorial? I did change the lipstick I'm using because I wanted to stay in this "Almost all drugstores makeup tutorial" vibes. 

So this lipstick, similar to the Diva from Mac, is actually the Inhibition lipstick from Topshop. It's a matte purple lipstick, with dark red undertones,

that I absolutely adore for Fall and Winter. It's high quality, as all Topshop makeup products, and it's quite cheap compared to Mac Lipstick (only 10€ or 12€ VS 19,90€).

That's it for the finished look. That's literally the makeup that I wear daily for school during fall time, but since I was going out on that day, I did went crazy with the eyeliner. Again, perfect for day-to-night look, I just added some black eye pencil on my lower water line for my Night Out.

Anyway, I hope you like it, I do think it's wearable, but it's just my opinion. Little disclaimer, I'm no professional, I do my makeup as a simple marketing student, who just loves makeup and fashion, and has literally no idea what she's doing. 

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Please leave a comment if you have any question, recommandation, queries, anything really, I'm always happy to talk to someone.

I hope to see you soon, 





More and More Pasta // Recipe

Hey there,

Today I'm showing you another pasta recipe I came up with. By now, I'm sure you all know I love pasta but don't worry I don't eat pasta every single day of the year. What I love about making pasta is how easy and delicious it is to add vegetables to eat or coming up with a sauce for it. 

This recipe isn't much different from the last one I showed you because it is still starring Zucchinis! However, I did come up with a delicious sauce for the dish that makes it even more delicious than with the Pesto sauce.

It's super easy to make, takes 10 minutes, and is super delicious!

Ingredients (for two persons):
- Any kind of pasta (I used Noodles) 
- One Zucchini 
- 3 cherry tomatoes 
- Basil 
- 10 cl of Cream (two table spoons of fresh cream) 
- Two slices of shallot 

First of all, I start by putting water to boil for my pasta (Duh), while the water is boiling, I wash my zucchini. Once it's clean I just cut the zucchini in small pieces. 

Then it's time to cook the zucchini, so I just put the small pieces in a pan and let them cook at a medium heat. 

When the water is finally boiling I add my pastas and let them in the boiling water for 8-10 minutes, but it depends on the kind of pasta you're using.

While everything is cooking, I take a saucepan, add the cream in it and wait for it to melt and get the texture of a sauce. I usually let the cream melt at a low heat. 

Then I take my shallot and cut two slices in small pieces. I add the pieces into the cream sauce and stir. Next step is adding the cherry tomatoes. So I take my 3 cherry tomatoes, cut them in half and add the pieces to the sauce.

You'll want the shallot and tomatoes to really soak in the sauce so keep stirring, the sauce should be a little red. Then you can add basil, as much as you'd like, salt and pepper.

When the pastas are done cooking, just drain them and add butter. Then you can go ahead and add your cooked zucchinis and then add the sauce. 

BOOM that's it you have it! A delicious meal! 

Hope you like this recipe, let me know in the comments if you tried it or if you want to share your recipes. 

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See you soon,



It's the Vampy Season // Fall Makeup Tutorial

Hello there,

Today I'm back with a new makeup tutorial starring one of my favorites autumnal lipstick! Fall means darker shades, aka purple/dark red lipstick. So far it's no groundbreaking news. I know I'm not much original to come up with another Fall Makeup Tutorial with dark lips but I swear my makeup tutorial is different since it's quite simple to recreate and it's not starring gold eyes or shimmery eyes (much). 

Anyway let's get into it! 

I thought that I would show you my whole and complete makeup routine again since it has been quite awhile since I last posted it, even though it hasn't changed much. I thought it would be cool for those of you who are new to my blog (Welcome by the way!) and haven't read all my posts, yet... (What are you waiting for?! Just kidding, no peer pressure). 

So I start off with foundation using the Revlon Color Stay foundation for combination to oily skin in the shade fresh beige. 

I apply it all over my face by putting one drop of the product directly into my Real Technique brush, adding one "dot" on my chin, nose, forehead and right and left sides of my head, and then blending with the brush. 

Then I take my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer and I put the product directly into my face, starting under my eyes, down my nose, a little bit on my chin and forehead, and I blend with the same brush from Real Technique. 

To set my foundation, I take my Rimmer Stay Matte Powder and apply it all over my face with a powder Brush from Real Technique. 

Next I take my Benefit Gimme Brow Gel to fill in my brows. I know... apparently they look weird, thanks to my boyfriend for letting me know that my eyebrows look weird... But anyway, I need to get them tweeze, hopefully soon. 

For contouring, I use the Bourgeois Delight Bronzer with a contouring Brush from Sephora. I apply it doing a fish face under my cheeks, tamper and jaw lines, kinda like a 3 shapes. 

I personally think that this bronzer is great if you're new at contouring and highlighting your face. You don't need to go for the crazy contoured Kardashians look if you're just a beginner. I really love this one, even though I have to do some touch up during the day, I love how it really defines my face and adds a little bit of sun (and glitter) to my face. 

Then, I take my cream blush from Topshop in the shade Flush, it's a bright pink shade, and I apply it on my cheeks with a cream brush from Real Technique. 

I really really really love this blush, I'm pretty sure I've already talked about it, and if not, what is wrong with me?! It's amazing! It brights up my face, and it lasts forever! Plus, I feel like it's easier to apply a cream brush than a powder brush. You can either apply and blend it with your finger or with a cream brush. 

In order to make sure the cream blush lasts and is set, I use my Shimmer Brick Palette from Bobbi Brown, which adds a little bit of shimmer to my face. 

Now, I know for fact that I talked about this before. It's my favorite thing in the entire world, I know it looks messy but it only proves how much I love and used it. I cannot think about the day it's going to run out because they don't sell this in France... #crying 

For highlighting I use the Kiko Radiant Touch Highlighter stick, I apply it down my nose, on my cheeks and on my cupid bone, and I blend it with my finger. 

I forgot to take a picture of the highlighter... But if you look at my very first makeup tutorial post you'll know what I'm talking about. 

Now it's time for the eyes! First I prime my eyes with the Rimmer Undercover eyeshadow primer. Dabbing it on my eyes and blending with my finger. 

I also forgot to take a picture of the primer but if you look at my previous makeup posts you'll see it as well. 

Next, I take my Urban Decay Vice Palette, and on the nuder shades side, dip my All Over Brush from Sephora into the shade Undone, and apply it all over my eyes lid. 

Then to add more definition, I take the shade Downfall and apply it on my crease with the 218 fluffy brush from Makeup Forever, and bring it back a little bit on the outer corner of my eyes. 

To really add more depth to my look, I use the DTF shade and apply it with a small flat brush from Makeup Forever on my crease as well. The idea here is just to create a sort of line to define the eye. 

Next, to add a little autumnal color I take the shade Alchemy and still with my flat brush from Makeup Forever, I apply it on the outer corner of my eyes and bring it back a little bit to my crease. I'm kind a creating a C shape on the outer corner, actually. 

For eyeliner, I'm using the same old 24/7 Liquid Liner from Urban Decay, and even though I'm loving it, and have been loving it for almost a year now, I'm kinda getting sick of it, and I want to try something new. So let me know in the comments if you have any liquid liner suggestions for me. 

Anyway, so I draw a thin line with the liquid liner and finish it with a wing. I must admit I quite messed up this time, but I'm getting to the end of my liquid liner, so it's getting harder and harder to use it to draw a line... I have to shake it every 3 seconds or so... Not ideal... 

For mascara, I'm using the Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced, which I still love! And I apply it on my top and bottom lashes. 

Last step, lipstick! My favorite lipstick during fall and winter is the Diva lipstick from Mac. It's a deep purple matte lipstick with pink undertone. I really love it, it adds a dramatic touch to a look. If you're looking for cheaper option, because Mac lipsticks tend to be quite expensive... I highly recommend the Wicked or Inhibition shades from Topshop. 

They are quite similar shades, on the purple/deep burgundy shade, the quality is also great, they are creamy, so great to apply, and they last on forever. Plus they are much cheaper than Mac. 

I'm probably going to do a Lipstick Collection with Swatches soon, that's why there's no swatches on this post. So stay tuned! If you follow me on Blog Lovin you'll know exactly when this future post will be posted. Just saying! Plus, we can be internet buddies. 

So that's it for the finished look. Hope you like it as much as I do. Again, I'm no professional in makeup, so it might look messy to some of you or not look good at all for some of you, but I like it and in the end of the day, it is what matters. As long as you like what you're doing, everything will be fine! 

But if you have any advices, suggestions, recommendations for me, just leave a comment below, I'll be more than happy to talk with you and learn from you. 

See you soon,